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Going vegan is one of the most profoundly positive decisions you can make, it’s good for animals, good for our planet and good for our bodies. The only regret you’ll have is that you didn’t do it sooner.

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Welcome to aims to promote veganism, assist new and transitioning vegans, and further the cause of animal rights. On this site you will find help guides to going vegan, help articles on how to stay there, recipes and collected resources- pretty much everything you will need to make the transition to veganism and help others do the same.

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An estimated 60 billion land animals are slaughtered per year for food, around 99% are factory farmed.


Animal agriculture exploits workers, pollutes communities and contributes towards global poverty.

Our Planet

Animal agriculture is one of the leading causes of global warming, deforestation and habitat loss.

Our Health

Veganism is healthy and may provide health benefits in the prevention and treatment of certain diseases.

The Vegan Workshop

If you’d like to contribute your own articles to, The Vegan Workshop is set up to help you do just that. The project aims bring together a variety of perspectives on vegan issues, whether it is just your own personal story or your views on a specific topic relating to animal rights, your input would be welcome and your article featured on the front page.

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Watch Earthlings

Watch the iconic film which has inspired thousands to go vegan. It covers everything you need to know about animal agriculture, though do note it is extremely graphic content.

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