Animal Rights vs Animal Welfare

The debate between animal rights and animal welfare is one that has been a dividing line for activists for decades. It is often argued by those who consume animal products, and even many who don’t, that advocating for animal welfare reforms is more realistic, and therefore more effective, than advocating for the complete abolition of animal agriculture. It cannot be denied that these arguments have valid points, but they do fail to draw distinctions between the desired outcomes of both movements.  Continue reading “Animal Rights vs Animal Welfare”

Cheap Vegan Essentials

Below is a short list of foods which I think should be in the basket of every new vegan when they go on that first vegan shopping trip. Prices will vary according to location, but in the vast majority of places these foods will be some of the cheapest items in any supermarket.  You can find a selection of simple recipes that make use of these items as their main ingredients here.

Continue reading “Cheap Vegan Essentials”

“There isn’t Enough Land/Water For Everyone Go Vegan.”

This argument claims that since there is not enough land or water for the whole world to go vegan, going vegan is in some way pointless, impractical or even harmful. This in turn is used as a justification for consuming animals since doing otherwise would be unsustainable or a waste of resources. This argument is easy to dismiss, as it is contrary to the facts under any authoritative measurement of land and water use. Continue reading ““There isn’t Enough Land/Water For Everyone Go Vegan.””

“Going Vegan Would Put Farmer’s Jobs/ The Economy at Risk.”

This argument is often used as a justification for continuing to support animal agriculture, and so for continuing to consume animal products. By boycotting animal products, it is argued, we are taking away the jobs of farmers and potentially putting the whole economy at risk, since it relies so heavily on animal agriculture. Continue reading ““Going Vegan Would Put Farmer’s Jobs/ The Economy at Risk.””

“Humans Are More Important Than Animals.”

The idea that humans are more important than animals is fairly frequently heard in defence of the consumption of animals. The argument holds that since humans are somehow inherently more important than animals, this means that eating them is perfectly justified. Often those making this argument do not specify in what precise way humans are more important than animals, but this is a necessary clarification. The proposition that humans are simply intrinsically more important than animals is irrational unless we can justify where this inherent importance comes from. Continue reading ““Humans Are More Important Than Animals.””

“God Made Animals to be Eaten.”

The argument from religion or “divine law” holds that because God made animals for human consumption, it is morally justified to eat them. These arguments usually come from followers of the classical monotheistic religions, so this response will be focused on answering the claim as argued an Abrahamic perspective, that being the perspective of mainstream Islam, Judaism and Christianity. Continue reading ““God Made Animals to be Eaten.””

“If We Didn’t Eat Animals They Would Overpopulate/Go Extinct.”

These are separate arguments that are often simultaneously held to be true by the same individuals, failing to realise they if either one were true they would be mutually exclusive. These arguments imply that it is acceptable to eat animals because it is the lesser of two evils; that if we did not eat them animals would overpopulate the planet or go completely extinct as they could not survive on their own. Continue reading ““If We Didn’t Eat Animals They Would Overpopulate/Go Extinct.””

“It is Impossible to be 100% Vegan.”

This is a fairly commonly used argument which puts forward the idea that since no one can be 100% vegan, vegans are hypocrites, and attempting to be vegan is in some way pointless. This argument is actually built on a tu quoque fallacy that occurs when it is assumed that an argument is wrong if the source making the claim has acted in a way inconsistent with it. Besides this, there are some very obvious flaws with this kind of “all or nothing” thinking. Continue reading ““It is Impossible to be 100% Vegan.””