The Vegan Workshop Project

The Vegan Workshop project aims to bring together varying perspectives on veganism and animal rights on a variety of topics. Writers can contribute on any topic they wish so long as it is related to veganism and animal rights.

These don’t have to be ethics focused, what I’m really hoping for is discussions that aren’t being had so much, or any unique perspective on veganism you could offer. I’d love to have articles exploring topics like what life is like for rural vegans, how veganism is seen in the community you live in, stereotyping, problems in the vegan community, how veganism affected your eating disorder or chronic illness, personal stories of activism, veganism and mental health, living as a teenage vegan, what life is like as a vegan of colour, vegan dating- whatever you feel would be of value.

If you would like to contribute then please see the content guidelines below, then get in touch with me at Once you have finished writing your piece, you can simply attach it to an email and I will post it on the site as soon as you give permission for me to do so.


Posts should be related to veganism, ethics or animal rights. So long as your content will be relevant to the vegan community then it will be a welcome addition, but of particular value would be topics which aren’t discussed often, or draw on a unique perspective, skillset or expertise that you can offer which other vegans can’t.  If there is something you think is not spoken about as much, or just something you’ve been thinking about for some time and want to put out there for consideration, then this is the place to do it. The form these posts take is completely up to you, they could be articles, essays, transcripts of interviews, a work of fiction or poetry with an animal rights message.

I am happy to lend assistance in the writing of these posts, whether it is support with your english, organising your content, proof-reading, editing or finding appropriate sources, but creative control will always be yours. If you want to be a part of this but have no idea of what to write then I’m happy to offer some ideas on possible topic. Once we have agreed on what you’re going to write then you can take as long as you need to produce it and submit it. While I would love to get some regular contributors there will be no pressure to continue to contribute if you would rather your piece be a one off.

All of your work will be credited to you, and you are perfectly welcome to promote your own website, youtube or other platform on your post. You can include links to your Patreon or PayPal account to seek donations, but I would prefer it if you refrained from trying to promote products which you stand to profit from. I would be delighted if promoting your post gained you some financial support to continue your activism, but I do not want this website to become in any way commercialised. If you would prefer to write under a pseudonym, a blog name or completely anonymously then that is perfectly fine; you can include as much or as little information about yourself as you please.

One of the aims of this project is to give exposure and an audience to vegans who may not already have one, so it would be appreciated if contributors would promote the work of others writing in this series on whatever platform they are engaged in. This is by no means mandatory, and I will promote all posts on my tumblr and twitter regardless of whether or not you choose to do the same for others, but it would be appreciated if we can all help each other to get our work out there.

Your posts will be featured on the front page of my website, you can see where this is if you go to the main page and scroll to the bottom. Currently there is one post alone in a row called “recipes”, this is where your posts will feature. In addition to this, there is a workshop link in the main menu which will feature a landing page for all of the submitted content, so that people can view them all in one place. As with the “recipes” post, posts will have a featured image which appears above them on the front page, you can select any image you please for this and attach it alongside your document, I will edit it down to the correct size so that it is uniform with the others.

You can find examples of posts in this series here.


  • Acti-veg was established as an intersectional and inclusive vegan blog, which means that any content featured here must abide by these criteria. This site will not feature posts which are transphobic, trans-exlusitory, homophobic, racist, sexist, anti-semitic, ableist or prejudiced in any way.
  • Topics engaging in critique of the vegan community are welcome, but personal attacks or “callouts” against other writers or activists will not be featured.
  • Constructive criticism of the contributions of other writers are perfectly acceptable,  but comments which I deem to be hurtful or discouraging will be removed.
  • The owner of this site will never seek to profit from your content.
  • All posts remain the intellectual property of the authors, and can be removed or edited by request at any time.
  • The content featured in this section do not necessarily reflect my own views, and since the aim is to bring together a variety of perspectives so it is natural that there will be posts with which you do not agree.


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