is aims to provide resources for new and transitioning vegans, as well as as advocating for veganism and animal rights. This website is completely independent, not-for-profit and does not run sponsored posts, advertisements or endorsements.. All content on the site is free for you to enjoy, refer to in your own writing or to share. I do not accept donations towards the running of this blog, but I do promote a different non-profit organisation each month which I would be very grateful if you supported. is run by a single, independent blogger from the UK. I have a full time job as on top of my writing, and I have a background in philosophy, theology and ethics. This website is mainly concerned with ethical veganism, though it does aim to provide references to recipes and products from other sites to support those wishing to live an ethical, vegan lifestyle. I place myself firmly in the abolitionist tradition; this website does not advocate welfarism or the “humane” use of animals in any way. I advocate a fully inclusive and intersection conception of veganism, recognising the fact that all exploitation, prejudice and opression is intrinsically linked and stems from the same oppressive systems and ideologies. Though this blog promotes a free exchange of views, I wish to maintain a safe space for marginalised people, and as such any comments expressing sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic or ableist ideologies will be deleted.

It is my sincerest belief that veganism is a belief system whose time has come, and that it is the moral obligation of every vegan to be as vocal as they can be in support of animals and their rights. There are too few of us for anyone to remain silent in the fact of exploitation and oppression; so please help me spread the word by sharing my posts and those of others vegans, or referring others to our sites and resources. Activism is the price we pay for sharing this world with the animals we exploit, and it is my hope that this website can play some small part in helping others to make the connection.