What’s Wrong With Marine Parks and Aquariums?

Though public opinion towards keeping marine animals in captivity is in rapid decline, the larger organisations like Sea World still attract over 22 thousand visitors per year. This multi billion dollar industry includes a wide range of businesses, from small aquariums to large, extremely popular marine parks. While visitor figures are suffering in the U.S, they are increasing elsewhere, particularly in Asia, India and Russia. Continue reading “What’s Wrong With Marine Parks and Aquariums?”

What’s Wrong With Horse Riding?

Horse riding is a popular activity, with almost 5 million horses kept for recreational purposes in the U.S alone. Keeping a horse for riding represents a significant investment, with surveys suggesting that the average cost of horse ownership is $3,876 per horse, per year. While many riders undoubtedly enjoy a strong bond with their horses, there are problems with associated with riding.  Continue reading “What’s Wrong With Horse Riding?”

What’s Wrong With Greyhound Racing?

The greyhound is one of the seminal canine breeds from which virtually all domestic dogs descend. Despite a decline in race attendance, greyhound racing remains big business, bringing in millions of dollars worldwide in ticket sales and betting revenues. Public opinion of the sport is faltering however, due to recent exposés of some of the cruel practices employed by the industry.  Continue reading “What’s Wrong With Greyhound Racing?”

What’s Wrong With Circuses?

Despite negative public opinion on the use of animals in circuses as well as bans in several states and countries, circuses remain big business. In the U.S, it is estimated that 10.46 million people visit circuses per year, and a great many of these still feature animals. Many of those countries and states who have banned the use of exotic animals still allow the use of other animals. Continue reading “What’s Wrong With Circuses?”